“Oh Yeah, You Do Have a Boyfriend…”

I have been dating Evans for a year and six months now, and I still get the question… “Do you have a boyfriend?” or “Oh yeah, you do have a boyfriend…how is he doing?”

Now as you can imagine this question is difficult… How can Evans who is so real to me, be so non-existent to others? Of course, I reply kindly to people who ask this [awful] question, “Yes, I have a boyfriend, his name is Evans and he is doing really well,” but it takes something out of me each time.

To give you a back story, I met Evans when I worked in Ghana during the summer of 2013 as a volunteer teacher for two months. And, no he was not a complete stranger…Evans is the surrogate son of two ex-pat friends that I stayed with while in Ghana. To make a long story short (the full story is on my “About Me” Page), while I was in Ghana, Evans and I fell head over heels for each other and have been “cross-continent” courting/dating ever since.

Now, I know you are asking how can you date someone on another continent!? And my answer…in my best singing voice is: “All you need is love!” But really though.

Before I left Ghana, we talked about a wide range of topics, just to make sure we were making the right decision in dating one another (childbearing, religious views, political views, cultural differences, difficulties of long distance dating, family makeup, past relationships, relationship boundaries and the list goes on!). I literally grilled/interviewed him for hours making sure that if we did date, it was going to go somewhere (marriage) and not just leave me sad, lonely and hurt.

After the interview and a go-ahead from my expat friends we decided to date long-distance with the purpose of getting married once we both completed our higher education.

But oh…has it been hard! Let me tell you! Its been difficult but, I know that ultimately being with him is worth every dropped call, every crying night, and every: “Oh yeah, you do have a boyfriend.”Join us on our adventure of a lifetime.

“Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It’s for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough…” -Unknown

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