…How Did I Know I Was Called?

God has shown me that I am called to mission work in Ghana… and God has shown Evans and I so many signs that say we are supposed to get married. Let’s start with God’s calling on my life before I bring Evans into the mix:

1.) When I was 11 God gave me a dream that I was helping little girls as a missionary. These girls looked bald (they had their hair cut short). These girls were also in another country and it was dry/dusty and they were my complexion and darker.

2.) This dream convinced me I was supposed to be a foreign missionary… or diplomat… basically that I would have a career and live in a foreign country. My only problem was that I did not know where, and I had never met a foreign missionary.

3.) Fast-forward 7 years. When I was 18 I traveled to Houston, TX for my sister’s graduation and I visited her church. There I met the first foreign missionaries I have ever met in my life…AND they were African American like me (something I had never seen on t.v. or on websites of missions organizations)!

4.) The missionaries did an alter call saying that they felt that someone had been called to mission work but had never been on a mission trip (i.e.ME!). I went up to them after the service and got their contact info. They happened to be missionaries in Ghana, West Africa.

5.) My parents wouldn’t let me go that year, but the next year I applied for a grant from my university to go and teach English grammar and live in their mission house in Ghana…and I received a grant for $4,000 to serve in Ghana!!

6.) When I went to serve in Ghana for two months I found out that northern Ghanaians shaved little girls heads to show they were not of marriageable age. PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER…This matched the dream that I had at 11 years old!! Here is a picture that was taken of me in Ghana. THIS MATCHED THE PICTURE I SAW IN MY DREAM 8 years prior! (Now if this is not God confirming that I was supposed to do mission work with youth in Ghana then I don’t know what is!?)

Summer 2013 052

7.)While I was in Ghana I had another dream. This time the dream was that I was marrying…Evans! (This was before he had even started showing signs of liking me!)

8.) About 4 weeks later Evans started showing signs of liking me… and he asked me to go on a walk with him, and I told him I liked him. He told me God was calling him to do missions in northern Ghana, and I said “ME TOO!”

9.) Then EVANS HAD A DREAM that my dad gave him (Evans) my hand in MARRIAGE! (How crazy is that!)


In Kenya at Evans's Graduation -August 8th 2016

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