You are NOT a Disappointment to God.

Tonight I ran into an old friend…I haven’t talked to them in 9 months, but I felt their disappointment when I shared what I was doing after graduation. It’s difficult not to live in bondage to what other people think about you or your life plans. When I tell some people that I am engaged and going to Ghana I can feel their disappointment. They have not met Evans and therefore they cannot be excited.

I could have a “regular relationship” that is not long distance and live life in the U.S. but I am choosing to marry a man who is from half-way across the world…and I feel like a failure to some people and a hero to others, but never anything in between. If you feel like this, I’m here to encourage you that Jesus suffered too.

“As you know dear brothers and sisters we count as blessed those who persevered…” (James 5:11) 

I gave up a job offer for a teaching career in the United States to pursue a career as a missionary in Ghana, but I know I am pleasing God. So, I am going to trust what God has called me to do. God has even provided me with a partner who has a similar mission. The Father is a God of provision!

“How GREAT is the LOVE that The Father has lavished on us that you should be called children of God…”(1 John 3:1)!

He took me and told me clearly what my purpose would be AND He is giving me a partner to complete my purpose with. So let the “Nay-Sayers” keep saying “Nay” and go on about your business. If God is calling you to do something listen to his voice NOT the voices of this world. GOD’S  approval is all you need, and I will keep reminding myself of this Truth until it is embedded in my heart.

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