Contentment…Trust, God Will Show Up and Show Out

Contentment. This word has given me a hard time these past few years. I have sought after contentment with diligence, but in the process of seeking contentment I was striving (which is the very antithesis of contentment). This world and this culture try to tell you that you are not doing enough, that others have better lives, that your accomplishments are not worth anything. AND this, my friends, is a lie.

Psalm 139 says that God fearfully and wonderfully made you, Romans 8:16 says that our spirit testifies that when we receive the Spirit of God we are children of God, and co-heirs with Christ Jesus! We are heirs of God, everything He owns, we own.

That means that God is our Daddy, Abba, Father, Papa, Bi-pa, Pops, Dad, and He wants to be in right relationship with us, His children. God has an unquenchable, passionate, unrelenting, all-surpassing LOVE for us His children (1 John 4). Our daddy LOVES US and He has our best interests in mind when He directs our steps. If God has directed me to live in Ghana and serve Him…let me obey my Dad and move to Ghana! If God is calling you to teach in inner city schools in New York, you be the best light and teacher in that school that you can possibly be!

God calls each of us to different tasks all for His glory and all to help us grow more and more in love with Him. Sometimes…I find myself comparing my calling to other people’s callings, and undermining myself. But 2 Corinthians 6 says God my Father validates my work. This world will NOT always validate you…But as Jeremiah (the one in the bible) learned, if God calls you it doesn’t matter if you are too young, inexperienced and scared…because God will give you the courage AND the words to say!

When we trust God we can experience contentment. Cast your cares on God because He cares for you. He does not want His children to be anxious or worried because He has already said He will provide. Trust that His words are true, pray to Him about BIG and small things, and expect Him to show up and show out! 

Yall I am scared! How am I going to raise money to live in Ghana? How am I going to adjust to the culture? Will people accept me? Despite these thoughts I will continue to cast these cares on God knowing that God is a good good Father, and He will continue to Show Up and Show Out in only ways that He could do. I WILL TRUST GOD. 

Just like He has provided before… He will provide the means for us to start our ministry in Ghana.

I love you all paa! and God loves you so much more! Follow our blog at

2014-2015 116
(This is a pic of us in Kenya! Evans served at a church there, and on this trip I got to preach with him.)

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