Long Distance (LD) Date Ideas #LDLoving


Anytime you’re feeling disconnected, distant, or upset for no reason at your partner…it usually means your “love tank” is empty and yall should plan a date REAL soon (it took Evans and I a while to figure this out lol). But if you are struggling as a LD couple (because talking ALL THE TIME can…and should become routine) here are some fun date ideas Evans and I have done before to mix it up a little. If you are in a LDR and have any date ideas please comment below. We love trying new dates!

1.) Watch a movie together online using Watch2gether.com. This website allows you to see your partner’s face via webcam while you watch movies together and it’s a really neat way to enjoy each other’s company.

2.) Take your partner on a tour of your space (Using Facetime or the Skype phone App). If you’ve had a big move, or you’re in a new place then have a date where you do a themed tour of your new place! I used to tour Evans around campus so he could see where I had my classes, ate lunch, etc. Get creative and have fun with your tour!

3.) Play a card game over Skype (only certain games work and/or make sure you modify the games to account for doing them over Skype). I would make up card games based off of games we’d played before. You can also give each of the cards in the deck a specific question it correlates with and have each person draw a card and answer the question that corresponds to the card they draw. If the questions are good it will lead to deep conversations about your partners answers and you may not finish the deck. *Note each of you needs a deck.

4.) Go out to eat! Long Distance is not the end of the world. Both of you can still get dressed up…and both of you can still go out to a nice place, and then Skype/FaceTime one another on your phone and eat together (lol the waiters/waitresses may think you’re a little strange, but this is an awesome way to go on a date).

5.) Study together. Evans and I would have Skype study dates where he would encourage me to actually complete all of my assignments for my university classes (lol I wasn’t always motivated)! You could also both go to a coffee shop and study together too (via Skype)…or just get coffee lol.

6.) Cook together Via Skype! Evans and I both love cooking and love eating good food. So we’ve had cooking dates where we both prepare a meal (talking via Skype) and then we sit down and eat after our meals are done.

7.) Journal separately and then have a date where you just share what’s on both of your hearts via Skype.

8.) Play 20 questions! Not a lot to explain about that lol. If you need directions just google “how to play 20 questions.”

9.) Have a date where you read a book together. One person can take turns reading out loud (oh, and make sure its a book you both enjoy  lol so the other person doesn’t fall asleep…) You could also read a relationship-advice-book; I suggest any relationship book by Dennis Rainey or Tim Keller.

10.) Have a double date via Skype with another LD couple and just get to know each other and talk about struggles, joys, etc. It’s always great to have support. I don’t know what I would do without the support of my friends who were also in LD relationships (shoutout to Kayla, Vin, Mia, Marcio, Melat, and Luke).

These are just a few ideas to start you off, but feel free to add ideas to the comment section below and/or tell me how the ideas worked out for you! The biggest thing is to just make your partner an integral component of your life (even if it seems weird to other people). Hey,  if you cared what other people thought you wouldn’t be in a LD Relationship lol! So don’t sweat what other people say.

I love you all so much! And God loves you so much more!

– Jeanette

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