Communication: A Two-Way Street

I have learned that communication is a two-way street…are you listening to your partner, most importantly are you listening to God?

“I cannot touch, smell, see Evans, but that does not lessen His love for me, and that does not mean that he is not supporting me. I know that Evans loves me with his whole heart, and he is with me. I experienced his love in person, and even though I cannot tangibly be with him (right now) I know that his love for me still exists. I talk with him daily, I listen to him, and our relationship is growing in depth because I trust him enough to Let Go of Him and release him to God. He also trusts me enough to Let Go, knowing that I will remain faithful.

This is similar to our times with God. We may have had a very tangible experience with the Lord early on in our relationship with Him and that experience may set the tone for our belief in Him. However, we cannot see Him, we cannot tangibly touch Him, but because of past experiences with Him we know that He loves us and that He is there for us. Talking with God daily just solidifies that love relationship.

Your conversations with God as with any relationship should be a two-way communication system. We speak, but we also have to be silent and listen to God speaking to us, whether that be through scripture, a meaningful song, a still quiet voice, intuition, or any of the number of “coincidences” in life that cause us to pause and realize that God is still alive and well, and HE is speaking to you. The real question is…are you listening?”

September 18 2014 -2 years of pic 496
A picture collage I made in 2014 for our 1 year anniversary

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