How to Maintain Hope.

I had a friend ask me about life after college the other day. How is it being in the “real” world? The real world seems like a far off hope when you’re in school. Getting older is something you look forward to. We have all (at some point in our lives) probably said, “I can’t wait until I’m older…”

But then you get older…and you realize that each season of life has its challenges, just like the seasons before.  Just like school has exams, adult life has bills, school has friends to enjoy and adult life has greater freedom and friends (maybe fewer and farther away, but they are still there).
I’m writing this to share that if your hope is in “when I get older” OR if you have the “when & then” mentality then you will be sorely disappointed throughout life. Because you will always be waiting for “when” so that your “then” can happen (i.e. “when I get my masters degree, then I will be happy” OR “when I make six figures then I will be satisfied”).  If I am discontent at the end of one season of life…I will most likely be discontent in the next season.
Luke 16:10
He that is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much: and he that is unrighteous in a very little is unrighteous also in much.
The issue is not the circumstance…the issue is my heart and what my heart hopes in. If you place hope in a political system it will always fail you. If you place your hope in your own ability to do well (let’s be real no one is perfect) YOU WILL FAIL YOURSELF. So what can we place our hope in.
We can determine what our hope is in by looking at where we spend our time, energy, and resources. “Where your treasure lies there your heart will be also.” Your heart and your hope will be where you place your resources. If I place ALL of my time, energy, and resources into something like the stock market that is constantly changing, my hopefulness about life will constantly be changing. Our hope, needs to be grounded in something that is constant, lasting, and eternal.
The only thing I know that is constant, lasting, and eternal is God. So the way I maintain hope is by placing my life and resources in God’s hands and asking Him what He wants me to do with them (I’m still working on daily submitting my life, talents, time, and resources into His hands). Honestly everything I have was His to give in the first place and he has just “loaned” it to me while I’m on this earth.
Practically, putting hope in God looks like giving my life, time and resources to things that God says he wants me to give to (one way to start is by tithing, or giving a tenth of what you have, back to a church that is doing the Lord’s work… this is a biblical principle).
Ultimately, if your hope is partially in God and partially in something else…then you may be unfulfilled. If there is great dissatisfaction in your life it may be an indicator of what your hope lies in. So check your thought-life, checkbook, planner, and calendar; those things you give the most energy to are probably indicators of what your hope lies in.
I love you, and God loves you so much more!

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