A Happily Ever After

Hi there! It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve posted. And I have a lot to catch you all up on! Life’s had good surprises recently…really, really, amazing surprises actually. Evans was granted his visa, and after a little bit of a scare (not knowing if he’d make it for our wedding…again) he arrived, and we were married on January 15, 2017! We are giving all of the glory to God, for He gives good gifts to His children. Praise God that after 3.5 years of cross-continent courtship we have finally closed the distance!

“Not to us, LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness” Psalm 115:1.

Can I just preach for a moment!? Just when it seems like there is no way, our God moves! He does this so He can receive all of the glory. I’m human, and I’m tempted to become proud, haughty, full-of-myself, and “big-headed,” and because God (being all-knowing) knows this…He puts us in situations where we cannot possibly claim the glory. All the glory goes to God when you’re up against the Egyptian army and the Red Sea and you still come out alive. All the glory goes to God when you’re almost 100 years old and you miraculously have a baby to fulfill God’s promise to your husband. All the glory goes to God when He allows everything to be taken away, only to restore it all back to you plus more than you could ask for or imagine. All the glory goes to God when 3 days before your wedding your fiancé whose been denied by the government more than 4 times to see you, finally gets the approval he needs to fulfill God’s promise of marriage to you. Our God is an on time God. He has good plans for us, and when we let go of our selfish agendas (yep I said it) God can then purify us and use our story for His glory. This ends my mini sermon, but please as you are reading…if you don’t take anything else away from this post, remember what a beautiful woman of God named Lynette Lewis said, “God will use your story for His glory.”

That being said, I’ll still be regularly posting about faith, love, and adjusting from being a long distance couple to being in an “in-person” relationship. Thank you to all who have been reading, and keeping up with our long-distance love story. Your encouragement has kept us going throughout these past few months. GOD Delivers on His promises!

I’m also in the process of finishing my book, so please keep an eye out for that coming in June 2017! The book is focused on 10 areas and things you have to “let go” of in order to fully embrace God’s best for your life; whether that be God’s best relationship, job, career path, college, etc. The back story of the book is a detailed account of our love story! I’m super excited to be finishing up and so excited to release the book soon!

I love you, and God loves you so much more!

– Jeanette

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