Days of Our Life.

I grew up watching the popular t.v. soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” This show was full of drama… mainly surrounding love and romantic relationships. There was always an unrequited love, love affair, or love triangle happening in the show. There were always broken marriage vows, and secrets needing to be revealed. Unknowingly, I was taking in  negative views of marriage and long term relationships from these soap operas, and t.v. shows depicting infidelity. It was so hard for me to trust a man long enough to date them, much less marry!

I have a feeling that there may be more people out there reading who also have reservations about trusting someone enough to let go of their inhibitions to love them fully. So this post, “Days of Our Life” is to combat the negativity that we may see depicted in the media and to share genuine, and authentic real life stories from trusting and committed marriages.

I almost turned my now husband down…because I was too afraid to love someone! I was fearful that a man would hurt me, cheat on me, or leave me. I was afraid I’d lose myself by getting married. I was scared that I’d never accomplish my personal goals if I got married. I’d seen women give up their goals in life for a man, and I didn’t want to do that.

What I failed to realize… was that marriage isn’t the end of your God given goals and potential. The person you marry should enhance those very qualities. They should encourage, and cheer you on, you should be much stronger with them, than without. The people we surround ourselves with should complement our God-given callings, they shouldn’t distract or deter. Yes, there are moments where I do get wrapped up in the relationship, and those are the very times where I know I need to draw away, and spend time with the Lord to place Him back on the throne of my heart.

Take heart! Don’t be afraid of relationships and friendships that are deep, and friends that see into the difficult areas of your life. God didn’t give us a spirit of fear (2 Tim 1:7). So if you’re afraid of moving forward with a friendship or relationship, take heart and trust that God is in control. Perfect love casts out all fear, and Satan is the author of all lies; therefore the decisions we have the most anxiety about, may be the very direction that we need to walk towards to push ourselves into further dependence and trust upon God. God can be presenting excellent options and choices for friends and potential spouses in your life, but unless you trust God and take prayerful leaps of faith, you won’t have opportunities to grow in deeper fellowship that person, or with God. I hope this helps somebody!

P.S. Marriage is great! And there are trustworthy people out there. Let’s trust God for His guidance and His courage to love even when it’s scary.

I love you! And God loves you so much more!

– Jeanette

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