“Airplane Ear”: Are You Deaf to God’s Voice?

Have you ever had an annoying ailment, sickness, sniffle, cold, anything. Well, last week I was deaf in my right ear for 6 days! And this is what God taught me (and is still teaching me) through that experience.

It all started when I took a trip to Denver to do a presentation. As many of you know, Denver, Colorado is an elevated city. It’s a little higher above sea level than other areas, and oh, did my body suffer. I couldn’t run, jump, or fly (okay maybe flying is an exaggeration) without being out of breath easier than normal, and I am a pretty fit person! But besides that conundrum, upon returning back home from Denver I had the worst “airplane ear” I’ve ever had in my life!


When we landed, my ears just wouldn’t pop. I felt like I was underwater for days. Poor Evans tried to talk to me, and call me while in the house a few times and I had no idea that he was talking to me, I couldn’t hear normally in my left ear, and my right ear was completely stopped up. During this comical, yet nerve racking few days I asked God to heal my ear multiple times, to no avail. And then the Holy Spirit gave me an impression, Jeanette, why don’t you ask God why your ears are stopped.

So, I decided to finally listen to God, instead of telling him about my problems. “Lord, why are you having me go through this?” As soon as I got quiet before the Lord, He immediately began speaking to my Spirit.

Jeanette, you haven’t made time to willingly listen to me. You’ve been so busy working that you haven’t made time for me. Your ears have been stopped up, unwilling to hear my voice. Your generation has its ears clogged with social media, music that doesn’t glorify me, work, and goals that I didn’t give you. You’re too busy for God. And just like I have stopped up your ears, so also I will allow this generation to clog their own ears. You will not hear my voice if you do not seek Me. 


After this strong reprimand I was very obviously shaken. God longs to be in right relationship with us, His children. But are we desiring to know Him? Are we seeking Him with all of our hearts? I can attest that for a time I wasn’t, but after that clear message I have begun to set aside quiet time again to intentionally listen to God and allow my days to be directed by His Word. Whatever He tells me to do, I do.

I don’t want to be given over to my own selfish desires, I don’t want to be deaf to the voice of God! Let’s be a generation that seeks to hear God’s voice, to read His Word, to seek Him with all of our hearts. I wish that I could tell you that I can hear normally now, but after my right ear finally popped, my left ear wouldn’t pop. I am so thankful to have regained most of my hearing! And I am praying that God would release the left ear soon (It’s almost been two weeks now).

All of this to say…if this blog post is for you; if you have not taken the time lately to just sit with God and listen to what He is telling you to do, please consider doing that. After all, I don’t want your ears to be stopped up too (lol)!

I Love You! And God Loves you So Much More!


Let Me Know What You Think :)

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