#LonelySeasons. Why Scrolling on Social Media Won’t Help.

Ever feel isolated, and lonely every now and then? I totally do. Especially when I was dating long distance (can I get a amen!).

Sometimes we can find ourselves trying to turn to social media to fill us up, but it never actually does. And you know what? That’s what it is created to do. It’s created to keep us “coming back.” Social media is not created for us to feel satiated,  satisfied or even full. It’s created to produce content that will keep us scrolling, keep us reading, and ultimately keep us empty.

The internet will never fill you, if anything it will only leave you feeling dissatisfied. It will leave you wishing your life was like SoAndSo’s life, wishing you dressed like SoAndSo, and wishing you had what SoAndSo had.

It’s an empty rabbit hole that has you chasing to find something that you won’t ever find.

Genuine relationships come with time and through effort. And those friendships (outside of your long distance love) are super important to maintain your sanity lolz.

Below are some tips to help you deal with the #lonelyseasons, comment below if you have any other tips that help❤️

1.) It’s not easy to stay in touch with people, but it’s so worth it. If you’ve found a friends you connect with, then by all means stay in touch! Even if you don’t talk as much as you’d like, the moments you have to connect with them will be so worth it. Social media is a great way to stay in touch with old friends.  But good old fashioned phone call is super helpful when done regularly.

2.) Set a time limit for your time spent scrolling on social media. When you spend time online you are only seeing the “perfect” moments of people’s lives. You are not getting the whole picture, therefore to limit the comparison of your life to someone else’s life, try to control how much time you spend there.

3.) Workout. I know, I know, working out doesn’t sound like it would help. But excercise actually helps release endorphins that make us feel happier ☺️So if you’re feeling lonely, one way to help boost your mood is to have a regular exercise routine. (Bonus: You may even meet new friends at the gym).

4.) Realize that literally EVERYONE feels lonely or isolated at some point in their lives. You are definitely not the only person to feel this way, and no matter how many friends it looks like someone has, they had to start somewhere right? Sometimes we feel embarrassed, like we are the only person in a #lonelyseason, but everyone has had that feeling at some point, trust me. The more open and comfortable you are in this season, the more other people will also feel free to open up to you.

5.) Superficial relationships won’t satisfy. Remember that developing deep friendships takes time, and effort. It won’t happen overnight, but with a little time and effort it will come.

6.) Reconnect with old friends. If your moving back to a familiar place or just visiting, that’s an opportunity to reconnect with friends. If you got along with them before, there is a high likelihood that you may get along with them now.

Tip: Don’t guilt trip friends for not staying in touch with you (it doesn’t go over well with most people lolz). We are all busy living life, and sometimes things slip our minds, don’t let that hinder you from reconnecting with old friends.

Love you! And God loves you so much more!

– Jeanette

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