Stand To Save #LeahSharibu

Leah Sharibu was an ordinary schoolgirl, until she made an extraordinary stand for her faith after horrific events. You see, Leah has spent eight months in captivity after being one of 109 schoolgirls abducted by an extremist group on February 19, 2018 in Nigeria.

Some girls were released after denouncing their faith, but LEAH WOULD NOT DENOUNCE JESUS CHRIST.

The group has given the government an ultimatum. They have planned another execution to be on October 15th. If the Nigerian government does not intervene in the next two weeks Leah may be martyred for her faith.

Leah has been firm in her decision to choose Christ over anything else. She has not faltered. Leah is prepared to stand for her faith, but are you prepared to STAND FOR LEAH?

The church is the body of Christ. We are His hands and feet. Religious leaders in Nigeria alongside the Catalyst for Global Peace & Justice Initiative (CPJ) in conjunction with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) organized solidarity rallies in many cities throughout the country on October 7th.  Christians all over the world are mobilizing to put pressure on the Nigerian government to take actions to save Leah.

In response to the rallies held in Nigeria, President Buhari finally called Leah’s mother after eight months of Leah being held in captivity along with two other aid workers.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ let us join together and pray for our beloved sister in Christ. Let us rise up and bring awareness to the tremendous courage and faith of our niece, our daughter, our beloved sister in Christ, Leah Sharibu. Let us act in solidarity to save her precious life. Every day and every action counts. Let’s pray “God’s kingdom come, and God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

We will no longer stand in deafening silence as we watch evil prevail, but let us bear all things, believe for all things, hope for all things and endure all things for the sake of our sister. Let us show that the love we have in Christ is stronger than the principalities of this world. Love never fails.

SPEAK OUT against the atrocities occurring to our beloved sister by:

1.)    Joining together in PRAYER for Leah Sharibu to be set free

2.)    Raising awareness by POSTING this Call to Action under a photo of you praying for Leah (and using the hashtag #LeahSharibu)